Continue from the previous post: Abu Bakr was a fairly wealthy merchant, and before he embraced Islam, was a respected citizen of Mecca. He was three years younger than Muhammad S.A.W and some natural affinity drew them together from earliest childhood. He remained the closest Companion of the Prophet all through the Prophet’s life. He also persuaded Uthman and Bilal to accept Islam.

Abu Bakr contributed a lot to the propagation of Islam. He died on August 23, 634 A.C. which is equivalent to the Islamic date, Jamadi-al Akhir, 13 A.H., at the age of sixty-three, and was buried by the side of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. His Caliphate had been of a mere twenty-seven months duration. In his brief span, however, Abu Bakr had managed, by the Grace of Allah, to strengthen and consolidate his  community and the state, and to secure the Muslims against the perils which had threatened their existence.

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THE FIRST CALIPH: – Abu Bakr, the closest Companion of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W). was the first Sahaba. He was also the Father-in-law of the Prophet; his daughter, Aisha was the beloved of our Noble Prophet. Abu Bakr, meaning, The Owner of Camels was not his real name. He acquired this name later in life because of his great interest in raising camels. His real name was Abdul Ka’aba (Slave of Ka’ab), which Muhammad (S.A.W) changed to Abdullah (Slave of God). The Prophet also gave him the title of “Siddiq” – ‘The Testifier to the Truth,’ [To Be Continued]

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